Expertly-Designed Fitness Plans

If you wish to have an individualized fitness experience with a personal trainer who can design a custom-made fitness plan, keep you motivated, accountable, provide key advice, and walk you through the entire exercise regiment than you are not alone, a personal trainer is a valuable resource to help you achieve your unique health and fitness goals.

At Fit 30, our Personal Trainer is qualified to design the optimal fitness plan for beginners, avid-gym goers, sports enthusiasts, and even for people with special considerations such as post-rehabilitation, obesity, or medical conditions.

Fitness Assessment

At Fit 30, we have a comprehensive approach to personal training: we take the time to learn about you -your long- and short- term goals as well as your current fitness, health, and nutritional habits.  We also take into account your age, body composition, and gender to develop a unique fitness plan that provides the optimal:

Frequency: The right frequency or recommended number of workouts per week

Intensity: The right overload to boost your metabolism

Time: The right workout duration

Type: Appropriate exercises for your goals

After we design your exercise regiment, we closely monitor your progress and modify the program as needed to ensure your steady progression.

Fitness is a Way of Life

The exercise and nutrition plan we will design for you is meant to be a lifestyle plan, not an overnight fix.  Whether your goal is to lose fat, tone your body, or build muscle, we will develop a program that will fit your lifestyle and give you all the tools necessary to gain discipline and achieve your enduring goals. 

We will teach you proper exercise mechanics and monitor you closely to ensure you are performing each exercise with correct form to maximize the effectiveness of your workouts.  We will also provide an abundance of fitness tips that you can use throughout your life and even explore ways to make the workouts more enjoyable to help you get through those hard days.

Experienced & Highly Credentialed Personal Trainer

Alan Cooksey is Nationally Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Nationally Certified Athletic Trainer, Certified Nutrition Coach, and has 25 years of experience under his belt -he has rightly transformed many bodies and lives.

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